Masterly the Hague 20-23 september 2018

Unique handmade céramique pièces
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Light effects play an important role in my artistic work. Whether it’s about oil paint, design or clay, light effects often form my starting point. Playing with shades of light is stunning. Porcelain is a matching material in this case. It has unique characteristics that makes it eminently suitable compared to other ceramic materials. When porcelain is stoked at high temperatures it becomes translucent. This translucent characteristic of porcelain inspired me for developing this light object.

Not only the contrast in light effects but also the contrast between soft shades and shadows and the harsh material and rectangular forms of the design is exciting. The natural characteristics of the material are still visible in de skin of the object. Some parts are translucent, other parts opaque. This occurs because porcelain is a natural material and can’t be forced in every way. To emphasize the natural features of the material, the skin of the porcelain is not glazed but untreated.