Masterly the Hague 20-23 september 2018

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The Netherlands has a new cultural event: Masterly The Hague, a festival for old master paintings and Dutch Design. Three historical monuments set against Hofvijver Lake in the heart of Royal City The Hague are open to the public in the third week of September 2018.


Prince’s Day in style

Prince’s Day is the annual state opening of parliament on the third Tuesday in September: this year, for four days three historical buildings are open to the public in a celebration of beauty and craftsmanship. Initiator Nicole Uniquole has invited 55 contemporary designers, photographers and artists to select an Old Master as their muse and to draw inspiration for a new contemporary design. The launch of these products will be exhibited in 25 style rooms decorated for the occasion.


Old Masters and new Dutch Design

This pas de deux of new and old generates some surprising insights into the beauty of art. For example, the haute couture of fashion designers Viktor & Rolf forms a fascinating combination with Frederik Hendrik’s armour and his splendid collar, portrayed by Michiel van Mierevelt before he became Prince of Orange in 1625. Linda Nieuwstad’s gigantic metal flowers refer to the roses in a seventeenth-century portrait by Jurriaan Ovens of Lucia Wybrands, then the wealthiest woman in Amsterdam. Contemporary artist Lita Cabellut presents a striking painting beside a beautiful historic painting of Amalia van Solms, painted bij Honthorst.


Four days of celebration

While from 20 to 23 September, these new works by contemporary designers, photographers and artists will be on show alongside their muse, the event also offers an opportunity to meet the designers and artists who created these works. Visitors are offered a unique perspective on beauty and craftsmanship by exploring their contemporary vision of the historical paintings.


Temporary cultural department store

When the red carpet rolls out on Lange Vijverberg, the public will be introduced to an unprecedented array of art and culture including previously unshown paintings from the collections of Dr Abraham Bredius, art dealers Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder and artist Cornelis Kruseman. All the Dutch Design exhibits on display are also available for purchase.


Location: The Hague
Text: Masterly The Hague.
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