Masterly the Hague 20-23 september 2018

Unique handmade céramique pièces
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A recent project is the design and creation of a porcelain soy pitcher for restaurant Taiko in the exclusive Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam. This was a collaboration with chef Schilo van Coevorden for his Japanese restaurant. Schilo is working with special themes. The most recent theme is soy. The soy Schilo is using is produced in The Netherlands, which is very extraordinary. So the pitcher had to bring together the feeling of japanese roots, the Dutch Chef and the ingredient soy, originating from the Netherlands. All these ‘ingredients’ have
resulted in a sober shape (like an Erlenmeyer flask) made out of thin porcelain and a pattern of Oxide Blue. The pattern is done by hand, meaning that every object has it’s own unique pattern.